The Spiritual Coach for Business Leaders

I help leaders awaken to the truth of who they really are and embrace it with everything they have. I’m not a “traditional coach” and that’s a good thing because you are a multidimensional person. I blend my leadership and coaching experience with my spiritual wisdom and insight to help you completely transform into the highest version of yourself. To do so, we’ll heal what needs to be healed, looking at the ways in which various forms of fear are blocking your authentic power. Our work together will be deep and personal. You will become a more empowered, centered and whole leader.


Why Soul Purpose is My Rallying Cry

I spent the majority of my life being disconnected from truth; I was asleep. I was simply going through the motions in life, feeling trapped—just trying to get by and survive. What I’ve come to know is that’s not what’s meant for us—not by a long shot. We are meant to live in joy, bliss and happiness each day. And, get paid for it.

No matter where you sit on this spectrum, know that as you more deeply align your truth with your environment, you will feel more alive than you ever have. Whether or not you feel “connected” to what you do for work, you likely subscribe to various fear-based beliefs that are limiting you in some way.

As you unlock these, you start to become the best version of yourself. The leaders who are changing the world realize THIS is the spiritual journey that they are on.


“Working with Jessica, I've been able to confidently learn to trust my deepest instincts to create harmony in my life. She’s helped me navigate the newness and ambiguity that comes along with entrepreneurship by tapping into my inner guidance, experiences, and support system. She has supported me to work through my fears and anxieties and live from my truth. I’ve come to know there is no separation between my personal, professional and spiritual lives. I love working with Jessica as she is committed to helping me build the foundation from which I can live a life filled with gratitude, purpose, and love.”

- Stephanie Olson, CEO, We Are Rosie


A Customized, Transformative Approach

Everything I do is customized based upon an initial consultation with you. You’re likely here because you view leadership as a profound responsibility; a continuous journey of personal and spiritual growth. And you know that expanding the vision you are bringing to the world requires that you live as your truest, most courageous self.

Here are some of the things I work on with my clients:

  • Move beyond the worry, fear and doubt that is blocking your potential

  • Learn how to trust your inner guidance and truth

  • Bravery as a way of being, not a sometimes occurrence

  • Reinvent your life though rediscovering your life purpose

  • Lead from your true power and greatest authenticity

What is your life calling?

The Tools We’ll Leverage

I’m going to push and challenge you to bring forth the best version of yourself. I rely upon a number of tools—from my years as a CMO, leading teams, coaching and mentoring people—to the ancient wisdom and spiritual practices that have fueled my own awakening. This includes subconscious fear release, changing patterns of limiting belief systems, meditation, visualization and other healing modalities. I will empower and motivate you to connect with your truth and release the cycles of fear that are playing out in your life. Then we’ll strategize what changes you need to make now and in the future. Through your own personal transformation, you’ll become an even better leader.


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“Jessica isn't your ordinary coach. In fact, I'm not sure there is a word for what Jessica does, but know this. You will be transformed after working with her. She helped me to see my truth and take courageous, life-changing steps into greater happiness and fulfillment. Her experience as a CMO and 20 years in corporate allows her to 'get it' in ways few do. And her intuition and healing ability helps you step out of fear and into your own true awareness...which I find is the key to living life from a place of happiness and authenticity. As a coach she is always there, not simply waiting for the next session. If you want lasting, impactful change in your life, Jessica is your coach.”

-Lori McIntosh, Founder & CEO, Vim & Vixin