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The Spiritual
Coach for Executives


Whether you're a senior executive looking to be a more whole-hearted leader, an entrepreneur looking to scale her business, or someone who wants to make a transformative life change, I will help you step into greater alignment with your true power. This is the key to tackling any goal or challenge you currently face.

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Here's The Thing

No matter what challenge you’re currently facing — whether it’s a lack of self-esteem in leadership or an inability to grow your business at the pace you’d like — the root is the same. You’re having an ego problem. You’re more aligned with the voice of fear in your head than you are aligned with your true self. Through understanding the spiritual journey you are on — and mastering it —  you’ll overcome the real-world challenges you face.


Does this mean we’ll only do “spiritual work” together? No. We talk business as much as we do soul. By looking at the entire picture with the right coach — who equally toggles business and spiritual expertise — you’ll overcome obstacles and

create a life you dream about.


Life-change is Closer Than You Think

Every aspect of your life will evolve through our deep and personally-transformative work. Here’s what you can expect:


Move beyond the worry, fear and doubt that is blocking your potential


Lead from your true power and greatest authenticity


Learn how to trust your inner guide and deepest instincts


Heal any past pain or trauma that is negatively affecting your life


Live from a renewed sense of wholeness; opposed to striving for balance


Reinvent your life by uncovering your soul purpose




My Clients Have:


Scaled their business from $1MM to $30MM


Been promoted and given more responsibility, including board seats


Stepped out of toxic corporate environments and into the career of their dreams


Overcome significant health, wellness and stress-related challenges


Been recognized by their industry and peers for their impact contributions


Raised capital to support their dream business


Taken back control of their lives through owning their power to create what they want

My Unique Whole-self Approach

As a former C-Level corporate executive and business owner I know it takes unconventional practices to break conventional patterns. That’s why I am not your traditional executive coach. So know that even though I have walked in your shoes, I also bring deep spiritual wisdom and healing practices to the forefront. 


All of my coaching programs are tailored to your goals. Before we begin our work together, you’ll receive a plan of how we’ll achieve the objectives that are most important to you. Here are some of the tools, practices, and lessons I utilize to help you live the life you truly want:

  • Limiting Beliefs: Reprogram a mindset anchored in fear-based thinking

  • Practice Surrender: Learn to go with the flow 

  • Co-Creation: How to manifest the life you want

  • Decision Making: Learn how to listen for and trust your heart-guidance

  • Soul Purpose: Proven, approach to uncovering your soul purpose

  • Imposter Syndrome: Tackling a lack of confidence and self-worth

  • Values-based leadership: Identify, actualize and lead from your deepest values

  • Overcome scarcity mindset: Scale your startup by tackling abundance blockers 



"It's hard to put into words the impact Jessica has had on my life. When I first met Jessica, I was a dedicated C-Suite executive trying to do it all. I wasn’t unhappy, but my heart knew there had to be more to life. Through working with Jessica, I've completely transformed my life. And she's been right there supporting, nurturing and honoring me throughout. What I love about working with Jessica is her gift to ask the right questions and share insights and reflections only when she knows you're ready to hear them. Her intuition is uncanny. And while there are many coaches out there, Jessica is one of the few I've worked with who has incredible gifts and talents she brings to the table, as well as, lived experience. There is nothing she coaches you on that she hasn't done or experienced herself. My heart is full of gratitude, love and respect for her! I cannot recommend her enough."

Kari Prevost, former EVP of HR & COO


Start Living Your Soul Purpose

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