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How did a 40-something, Global CMO, who was seemingly at the top of her game, completely reinvent her life and step into living her soul purpose?


bestselling Author, INSPIRATIONAL Speaker & COACH

I’m Here to Help You Awaken to Your Truth.

You are an incredible being that’s more powerful than you realize. Together, we’ll face the ways in which fear currently shows up for you to create a life that reflects who you really are. We’ll go deep and get personal. Then, hand-in-hand with the divine, I’ll help you bring forth your authentic power and truth. Know that the highest potential for your life is upon you.

Jessica Joines Inspirational Keynote speaking at AdWeek New York 2017

Leadership is a Spiritual Journey.


Keynotes & Talks

Jessica Joines | DARE TO BELIEVE. Your Power. Your Purpose.

Your Purpose is Your Power.

In this highly motivating and empowering talk, Jessica shares her own inspirational, personal journey and lessons learned to living a life of purpose, as featured in her bestselling book, Dare to Believe. She reveals how her own struggle and search to live a life of meaning lead to many failures, yet powerful lessons along the way.

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Jessica Joines - Consciousness Economy Speech

Connecting to Your Truth.

In this incredible keynote, Jessica takes participants through an experience of understanding the various ways that fear is negatively impacting their day-to-day life. From their personal to their work life, attendees will gain awareness of the ways in which fear is usurping their authentic power and putting them out of alignment with who they really are.

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