A Journey of Self-Discovery


I’m Glad You’re Here

The first thing I’ll tell you is that it hasn’t been easy. When you embark on the journey to live your soul purpose, it’s incredibly liberating, but it can also be met with many challenges. However, if you’re like me, the risk is worth it. My truth is that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t pretend that I liked my job or that I cared with anything more than mediocre interest, about what I did. For most my adult life, I felt trapped in the this “thing” most of us call life. We wake up to go to a job we feel lukewarm about or even hate — to get what we need to survive. We then repeat the cycle everyday, perhaps dreaming about a day in the distant future, when we can just relax. Well I could no longer live like that. When my mental, emotional and physical health started to really suffer, I began to believe in the possibility that I could have a different life. The last few years I’ve been manifesting that dream. Some days are easier than others but I’m grateful to be on this journey.   

How the Book Came About

By 2011, I had reached what many would consider to be the pinnacle of professional success — but I was overworked and deeply unhappy in one job after another. To cope, I turned to self-medicating, which contributed to a vicious cycle of despair. Desperate to break the toxic pattern of fear which seemed to dominated my life, I took several leaps toward finding what I’ve come to know as my soul purpose. This included embarking on a year-long solo trip across Southeast Asia, which eventually led to me leaving the corporate world altogether.

In my book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, I share the lessons that have been critical to transforming my own life. Including, the step-by-step practical actions that I continue to apply each day.

Through sharing my own spiritual awakening story, including recovery from addiction to alcohol, I hope to accelerate soul purpose for everyone — including you. As I believe we are at an interesting moment in time, where a new consciousness is helping us to realize our full potential. But to achieve this, we have to release the false perceptions that so often plague us. This includes realizing that fear is merely an illusion and that love is the only real truth there is.


“Women and Men of and on Purpose is what the world needs in spades in these awakening times. Dare to Believe is that simple, no-nonsense, practical step-by-step guidebook that will help you uncover your soul purpose through authentic and effective practices and tools that Jessica has lived and applied herself and now shares with successful leaders. May this book do great amounts of good by setting many people boldly forth on their purposeful journeys.”

- Nilima Bhat, Coauthor, Shakti Leadership and My Cancer Is Me


Official Biography

Jessica Joines is on a mission to awaken every single person on the planet to their unique soul purpose, which she believes is the key to spiritual awakening. As a bestselling author, coach and inspirational speaker, she helps people master the 12 lessons that have been essential to her own journey, as featured in her book, Dare to Believe, including how to:

  • Believe that what you want is possible

  • Surrender to your deepest fears

  • Release the limiting beliefs that bind you

  • Invite and allow love to fuel decision-making

  • Allow courage to define you until it becomes you

Above all, there is a single, key lesson that Jessica believes we are all meant to learn: to let go of the illusion of fear, and instead align to love.


Through coaching, teaching, and workshops, Jessica empowers people to live their soul purpose, helping them pursue their true desires, rather than settling for what's been offered.

Jessica's own career path and personal story have been marked by a long search for deeper meaning and fulfillment. She struggled through many corporate jobs over the last two decades — each with numerous highs and lows, from a successful consultancy she co-Founded in 2012, to her role as the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Rakuten, to more than a decade working at some of the world's leading advertising agencies.

The start of Jessica’s soul purpose journey was in early 2011, when she was laid off from a high-status job and decided to use her time off to travel throughout Southeast Asia for what would become a year. This set her on the path toward her own spiritual awakening story. She now empowers others to live their soul purpose, by sharing her story and teaching others how to uncover and embrace their calling, step-by-step. Jessica works to break down complex and esoteric spiritual principles into simple, step-by-step plans of action, resulting in “DIY coursework” that’s not only practical, but life-altering. These teachings are accessible and easily adopted by people from every walk of life.

In 2018, Jessica published her first book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, which quickly became a bestseller on Amazon. She is also a contributing author to Thrive Global and excited to announce the launch of her new TV show, Soul Purpose Sessions, launching in August 2019 on the United Intentions Network.

Jessica has been awarded a Bronze Stevie Award for her contributions to the field of marketing and holds an M.S. in Communications from Cornell University.



In 2018, Jessica launched the Women's Purpose Retreat. This is a one-of-a-kind personal development experience for C-level, executive women. Hailed as one of the most impactful experiences for women leaders.


Want to know how a 40-something, New York City advertising veteran reinvented her life and started a soul purpose revolution in the process? Jessica’s debut book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, is available on Amazon now.



Jessica frequently shares her perspective and teachings on radio, TV and podcasts. From her soul purpose lessons and advice, to her spiritual wisdom about the role fear plays in our lives, Jessica engages audiences with her honest, open perspective.



Jessica regularly contributes thought leadership and inspirational content on the topics of purpose, spiritual wellbeing and conscious business. As a contributing author for Thrive, her articles receive a wide audience of readers.