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Meet Jessica

Author & Spiritual Coach

International Speaker 

Host on MindBodySpirit.FM


Letting My Soul
Take the Lead

The first thing I’ll tell you is that it hasn’t been easy. I’ve spent a good portion of my life deeply rooted in pain and fear. At times, it felt like I was in a dark tunnel with no light at the end of it.

But hindsight — always brilliant in its perspective — has allowed me to see that a bigger purpose was at play. Namely, the suffering I was experiencing was vital to my spiritual journey. 


Pain is the Portal to Awakening

Freedom came when I realized the following: Suffering is a choice because perception is also a choice. And this realization is exactly how I took my power back. If  I could master my perceptions, I could also master my reality.

But this “aha” didn’t come easily. Or quickly. Listening to my ego — aka the liar inside —  and following all of its bad advice didn’t end overnight. It has been and continues to be a journey. 

I’m happy to say that after years of being caught up in fear, worry and doubt, my soul is now in the driver’s seat. I no longer feel trapped by my own life. I now know the vast and limitless power that lies within me (and always has). 

I am free. Which is the same kind of freedom I want for you.


My Journey is Yours

Whether you realize it or not, you’re on a spiritual journey.


A journey that’s teaching you — in different ways — how to live more fully and more freely. Maybe you’ve experienced the following?

Unworthiness and a lack of self-confidence

Worry and doubt more consistently than true happiness

Burnout from the constant chase of trying to

“have it all” 

Uninspired by work and an unfulfilled desire for more purpose 

You’re not alone. I was there, too. We all face similar challenges because we are all on a similar spiritual journey —
the journey of transcending the ego. 


The ego is the driving force for unhappiness in your life.

I’m not talking about the ego in a traditional sense

(aka egotistical).

I’m talking about the voice of fear in your head that acts as the voice of reason. The part of you that’s well-versed in the language of doubt and fear, that’s dominating your inner dialogue. She’s the part of you that’s quick to criticize and ready to resist. And you know her well. 

This is how I can help you. When you begin to recognize the spiritual journey you are on, you can heal this part of you and the challenges you experience in life will diminish. 

So whether it’s wanting a career you love, owning your worth, experiencing more balance and wholeness, starting a business, or healing past pain or trauma, the key to your liberation lies in transcending the ego.

Let’s take this journey together. 


More About Jessica

Jessica Joines is a former Global CMO turned bestselling author, spiritual coach and international speaker who helps women awaken to their true power and potential.


Through speaking, coaching, and a community platform — she empowers women to transform their lives by mastering their own spiritual journey. Jessica is here to help women rise above all forms of fear and limitation and transcend the ego. 

Jessica has a unique ability to break down complex and esoteric spiritual principles into simple, step-by-step plans of action, resulting in "DIY soul-work" that is not only practical, but life-altering. Many of these methods manifested during her life-changing, year-long, solo soul journey across Southeast Asia in 2011. That’s where she began to wake up to her own soul purpose.



A natural teacher and speaker, Jessica is never more herself or connected to her purpose, than when she is in front of an audience. She has keynoted and spoken at iMedia, Advertising Week, WUB Wellness, CRN International Summit, Dmexco and several corporate leadership events, including Rakuten and Starcom. Igniting and energizing audiences around purpose and possibility, it’s not uncommon to see a crowd of people gathered around Jessica after she speaks. As the energy and wisdom she brings forth always inspires audiences to want deeper guidance on how to navigate life’s challenges.


In May 2021, Jessica launched her live coaching show, Soul Purpose, with the popular online spiritual media network, Unity Radio. Soul Purpose keeps Jessica on her toes as listeners call in live to receive coaching guidance on their most critical life questions and challenges.


Soul Purpose can be found on all major podcasting platforms, including iTunes and Spotify. Additionally, Jessica regularly shares spiritual lessons and tools on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


In January 2021, Jessica launched the Women's Purpose Community, an expansion of the incredibly successful Women's Purpose Retreat, which she launched in 2018. WPC is a community of executive women who crave a safe-space to do the deeply intimate work of self-discovery.


In sum, Jessica is helping to bring an awakened-mindset to where it’s needed most, Corporate America. Jessica’s work has been celebrated in publications such as Forbes, Marie Claire, Thrive Global and MediaPost. She holds an M.S. in Communications from Cornell University.



“ Dare to Believe is that simple, no-nonsense, practical step-by-step guidebook that will help you uncover your soul purpose through authentic and effective practices and tools that Jessica has lived and applied herself and now shares with successful leaders. May this book do great amounts of good by setting many people boldly forth on their purposeful journeys.”

Nilima Bhat, Coauthor, Shakti Leadership and My Cancer Is Me


Available Now

Want to know how a former Global CMO completely reinvented her life and became a spiritual guide for purpose-seeking executives? Jessica’s debut book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, is available on Amazon now.

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