Keynotes & Talks

Jessica is a gifted, inspirational speaker that shines in front of large audiences. She energizes and motivates everyone in the room to embrace their full potential and truth.

Jessica Joines | DARE TO BELIEVE. Your Power. Your Purpose.

Your Power. Your Purpose.

In this highly motivating and empowering talk, Jessica shares her own inspirational, personal journey and lessons learned to living a life of purpose, as featured in her bestselling book, Dare to Believe. She reveals how her own struggle and search to live a life of meaning lead to many failures, yet powerful lessons along the way. She details how her relentless determination to wake up doing something she loves every single day, lead to unanticipated gifts of self-discovery, love and awareness. Jessica shares the spiritual truths she now abides by to master a life of purpose, noting it's a continuous process that's always evolving. Finally, she teaches audiences her 12 lessons for creating and activating purpose in their own lives. People walk away from this talk tapped into their unlimited potential to achieve the impossible, do good and live a life of meaning.

Jessica Joines - Consciousness Economy Speech

A Paradigm for Change.

Jessica's inspiring talk about the new leadership paradigm that is rapidly transforming business and society as we know it. One that’s anchored in purpose, values and consciousness. She talks about the importance of viewing leadership as an opportunity for spiritual growth, where service, authenticity, honesty and openness are both pursued and revered. In this talk, she illustrates a number of extraordinary examples from leaders who are paving the way; proving that a continuous commitment to personal growth, including a willingness to walk through fear and admit mistakes, is the path forward. Jessica leverages her unique perspective and insight from her years as a Global CMO and her bestselling book to reveal her five core principles for thriving as a purpose-driven leader. 


“Jessica is an incredibly gifted speaker that came in and energized our entire workforce to the power of purpose through sharing her powerful story and wisdom. If you want a speaker that inspires your entire company into action, then book Jessica at your next corporate event. ”

- Yaz Ida, President, Rakuten USA