Spiritual Growth Programs

I am committed to helping as many people as possible awaken to their true potential. It’s my greatest passion. That’s why I teach live online courses throughout the year for anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual journey. One thing I can promise you is that when you take one of my courses, your life will change. We’ll heal what needs to be healed so that you can step into your highest divine truth.

Each program is designed for you to succeed with achievable goals in a supportive community setting. Classes are kept intimate so that you receive personal attention and coaching.


“The Soul Purpose program has completely changed my life. I didn’t realize I had been living my life from a place of fear. Jessica is a profound healer and teacher. She helped me to uncover my true life calling and start living it.”

- Rose Puntillo, Senior Leader, Tech Company


Soul Purpose Program

Based on the teachings featured in my bestselling book, Dare to Believe, this program is for people who are looking to reinvent their life through uncovering their soul purpose. By the end of the program, you will have discovered your life purpose and begun to start living it.

Course 1: Uncover Your Life Calling

Course 2: Removing Fear & Limiting Beliefs

Course 3: Living Your Dream

Each week you’ll have assignments to complete, so come prepared to do the work that’s essential to transforming your life.



Spiritual Awakening Program

This program is for people in the beginning stages of their spiritual journey who are seeking ways to expand their consciousness and wellbeing. Over the three courses, you’ll connect more deeply with your true self, which is the key to personal fulfillment.

Course 1: Releasing Fear, Worry & Anxiety

Course 2: Living in Divine Flow

Course 3: Trusting Your Inner Guidance

Each class includes lecture, meditation and discussion as well as weekly assignments with a partner.



Workshop Experiences

Jessica designs customized workshop experiences that empower participants to step into their highest potential and truth. Here are some of the topics she has designed experiences for:

  • Uncover Your Soul Purpose: Explore a profound dive into the inner confines of your heart to uncover the truth about your life calling… and who you really are.

  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: An interactive experiences that explores what it means to be a purpose-driven leader, beyond the hype. Expand what it really means to connect what you value with how you lead.

  • Heal the Fear, Doubt & Worry: Confront and remove the fears, worry and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from realizing your full potential in life and being a truly authentic leader.

If you are interested in having Jessica customize a workshop for an upcoming event please submit your request here.


“The content, curriculum and caliber of what Jessica creates is awe-inspiring. She helped me transform my own business and life and I am forever grateful for the experience.”

- Jennifer Wiley, Founder & CEO, Wet-Cement