What We Need is A Revolution of the Heart AND Mind

Today, I include an excerpt from my bestselling book, Dare to Believe. One of the most important passages in the book, as it’s about shifting the collective consciousness, as a means to supporting your journey to purpose. For as we soften what we perceive at the collective level, do we also support our own journey to greater life fulfillment.

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Master Your Perception, Change Your Reality

In this new blog post, I share about my experience with how managing perception is the path to mastery. For when we come to understand this vast spiritual gift and use it wisely, we become the creators of our reality. This is not to say it’s easy, for it is the lesson we all come here to learn.

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Self-Love Is Your Life Purpose Journey

Self-love is truly your life purpose journey. In that, when you come to acknowledge all that you already are, you allow that which you are seeking to enter in. So make it a practice to remember who you really are, for when you do, you won’t be able to help but love yourself, immensely.

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Jessica Joines