When You Realize It's Within, The Shift Happens

We’re taught that much of life is about finding and acquiring. Looking to external solutions for internal problems. From retail therapy, to pills and plastic surgery. We innately believe that we can fix just about anything through an inherent believe in the external. Looking to it to solve what we believe to be missing — within.

From happiness, abundance, serenity….and the like. It’s our belief that we need to “find” these things and bring them into us, to experience them, that keeps them elusive.

But it’s actually the opposite. For it is the realization that we ALREADY are this (and so much more), that allows us the true experience of them. It’s the knowing that these are all qualities, essences or energies that already reside inside of us. The trick is to acknowledge their presence within and shine them out.

So instead of looking and trying to bring them into your life, allow them to simply be. Shift out of your deeply held, innate, belief that you are separate from every quality you wish to experience in life; that the only way to truly experience them is through some form of acquisition.

Instead, practice shifting into your truth. Which is the absolute unwavering awareness that you already are IT, always have been, and ALWAYS will be. It is this shift in perception that will upend your world as you currently know it. This is your practice…this is the lesson you’ve come here to learn. To remember.

But it’s often easier said than done right? Well…in part. For some of us, you can have a profound shift — an awakening — in an instant. For most of us, it’s a consistent daily practice of IT, which leads to dramatic shifts…over time. Here’s some guidance and steps to follow:

  • Each day set the intention to remember the truth of who you really are. Start your day with the intention to remember and act in accordance with who you really are! A divine being that has everything you’ve ever wanted or sought — already within.

  • Observe when you’re in seeking vs. allowing. We’re often in two states of awareness, or energetic frequencies. We’re either in the fear-based separation energy of “seeking,” or in the love frequency of trust and allowance. Take notice of where you are throughout the day.

  • Practice shifting your perception. When you find yourself in the energy of seeking — believing in your separation from all that is — consciously reset. Close your eyes, tune in, and affirm your truth by saying, “Everything I seek is already within me. I am one with all that IS.”

  • Be extra extra gentle with yourself. This can’t be said enough….so please take a moment to really hear this. BE KIND TO YOU. Know that shifting your perception is the work of lifetimes…so be gentle. And if you still find yourself struggling with that, practice telling yourself at the end of each day that that you forgive yourself for all perceived “mistakes.”

Let me leave you with this. We spend so much time in the energy of lack and on what we want to “achieve.” I encourage you to let all of THAT go today and instead embrace the divineness that you already are. As you stop trying to become someone, achieve and acquire stuff, and bring what you believe to be missing into your life…you’ll realize everything you’ve ever wanted.

You’ll come to know your truth. Which is that you already are, always have been and always will be. So leap into the allowance of this.

Let go and shine.