You Are a Magician, Through and Through

The default programming that the vast majority of us have deeply ingrained in ourselves is one of “victim consciousness.” In that, we believe the world is something happening to us that we’re trying to survive. We don’t grasp or understand the fullness of our power. We believe that things like fate and destiny are limitations set upon us, by a rigid and often, unforgiving universe.

What if the opposite is true? What if all those perceived restrictions aren’t real at all and only exist in the mind? What if once we release those “falsehoods” the world that we thought we existed in, suddenly changes? And through this we come to understand that our power and ability to create IS immense. That we have truly been created in the image and likeness of God / Source / Divine — Creator.

This is what I’m coming to understand more and more each day. Though the illusion which says otherwise, at times, can still be convincing.

But when I take a moment and affirm my power to create the reality I want. And when I accept that this is MY responsibility to do (for with power, comes responsibility), something changes within me. When I breathe in this truth; I feel the shift. The shift into truth and knowing.

Try it. Affirm you’re infinite, not limited whatsoever. That you are here to learn how to own, live in and create from this power. Then see how it feels. I bet it feels true.


Fear only has the power we give it. It’s not real in the greatest sense. It’s here as our teacher, not as something that’s meant to be believed in. This also applies to our perceived limitations. For they are, inherently fear.

In fact, anything that contains the energy of fear is inherently false; an illusion. And what’s more fear-based than to believe you are restricted in your ability? What’s more fear-based than to believe some powerful force, other than you, is dictating and controlling (or interested in controlling) the day-to-day experience of your life. What if you are? And what if things aren’t going well (or are even terrible), because you have negated this responsibility to create? Your core essence and the very truth of who you are — a powerful creator?

What if it’s because you’ve skirted, negated and handed over your very essence — rather than claiming and owning it? Then, you could no longer blame family, friends, God, the Universe, etc. Instead, you’d have to own your power; taking full responsibility for your life and its creations.

Your are born with a magical ability to create everything in your life — both good and bad. To fully step into this gift — you power — begin by owning IT.

And then see what happens…