How Do I Know If This is Right for Me?

I’m often asked, how can I know whether or not something is right for me? Well it’s simple, but the ego can make it complicated. If it excites you, brings you joy and creates genuine enthusiasm; then it’s right for you. If not, move on.

In short, it’s about resonance. If your’e not feeling it…it’s not FOR you.

But what happens is that the ever presence voice of fear — our beloved egos — jump in and say things like:

“Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.”

“Work is work.”

“It’s your only path to make money.”

“You’ll grow to like it.”

“We can’t all do things we love.”

But herein lies the ultimate lesson we’ve all come here to learn on some level. To rise above the fear and choose love instead. And that includes choosing to believe — then come to know — that you are meant to spend your life doing what you love (and getting paid to do it).

You are here to pursue your dreams. And your dreams are about passion and joy.

This isn’t to say that the voice of fear isn’t compelling and highly believable. It is. And you can make lots of money working in jobs you don’t love or even like (I know). But know that another path is also available to you, if you choose it. And that path is about you following what offers you deep, authentic resonance.

So what’s right for you, is what makes you happy. If it’s not contributing to your happiness, then it’s not a part of the highest potential for your life; your true destiny.

So decide to let go of the idea that your destiny is suffering, complacency or struggle. It’s not.

But ultimately it’s up to you. What I do know is that being in divine alignment is about YOU living true to your bliss. This is what is wanted for you. And when you make the decision to follow it; to lead with resonance and joy; the universe always conspires to help you.