Challenge Yourself to Not Be 'Challenged'

You can always count upon the ego to find evidence that things aren’t working in your favor. Particularly when it comes to manifesting your dreams. For the ego views its primary purpose as protecting YOU from a scary world. Which includes searching for evidence that shows you things aren’t working in your favor; or what your heart wants isn’t possible. Don’t listen. No matter how convincing the argument seemingly is.

How you perceive “challenges” that arise is entirely up to you. They are only challenges if you perceive them to be. Right?

As such, things aren’t working out only if you perceive them not to be. This is the key. And THIS IS your journey. One that you’ll continue to repeat, until you master it. As perception is the path to mastery. And what easier way to work on mastering your perception in a world that’s dominated by fear?

And let’s be clear about one thing — the work isn’t always easy. That’s why we spend many lifetimes doing it. It takes practice. And the trick is to view it as practice.

How? Have fun with it. Use your imagination and ability to “pretend.” And always question what you think you know, first.

For example, say there’s an opportunity you’ve been working on, even counting on, that suddenly falls through. Your ego mind will likely take you on a journey that sounds something like this:

“See! I told you this was hard…I told you this was a difficult path to pursue. Now what are you going to do? You know what this means right? This means you are not on the right path….like I told you! Who are you to think that you can bring this dream of yours into the world? It’s not possible and it’s never going to happen. It’s time to get realistic and face up to this. Otherwise, who knows what’s going to happen next?!”

In short, your ego mind is going to take you down a rabbit hole of despair and negativity. That’s it’s job. But YOURS is to not listen. To rise above and anchor into your core truth…which is the KNOWingness that resides within your heart. This is the soul purpose path. To rise above the voice of fear and anchor in the truth, that is love, everyday. No matter how big or small the opportunity.

Here are some simple steps you can follow, when the next seeming challenge comes your way. Use these as a guidepost to not be challenged by what’s being presented.

  1. Question the voracity of the claim. Is it really true? Remember… the voice of fear is an illusion. Only your heart speaks the truth.

  2. Pretend it’s not true! Try pretending that what your ego is telling you isn’t true. If it’s not, then what instead might be?

  3. Imagine a positive outcome. Imagine something even better and bigger than what you were hoping to happen. Feel the truth and excitement of this possibility. Believe in it!

  4. When in doubt, surrender. If you can’t take yourself out of the negativity, surrender ALL to the divine and anchor yourself in the truth of what your heart already knows; that you are not limited and everything is possible for you.

At the end of the day, you will perceive challenges…it’s almost impossible not to. But the goal is not to let them bog you down; to not sit in them. Instead, practice shifting and rising above. You can always reset yourself in the frequency of love. For here, anything is possible.