Fear Is Your Teacher, Not the Truth

“Fear is false evidence that appears real.”

“Fear is false evidence that appears real.”


So many of us go through life, believing everything fear has to say. And aligning our lives to it. We engage with it as truth and construct much of our lives based upon it. When it fact, the energy of fear simply exists to show us what needs to be healed within us.

So I ask you, how does fear show up in your life? Are you worried about not having enough money? Never finding love? Or do you just have a general low-grade anxiety most of the time; and you don’t know why?

Know this: Underneath your fear is always a clue. And, ultimately an answer about something, within you that’s ready to be released. In fact, the reason a repetitive fear keeps rearing it’s ugly head is because you aren’t listening to what the energy of fear is truly trying to say. So instead of believing what fear is voicing to you on the surface, look beneath. And ask, “What is this really teaching me?” Curiosity is key.

Let’s take fears about money. Whether it’s never having enough or losing what you have. When this shows up, which is common for so many of us, pause. Then ask, “What’s missing in me that’s driving this fear?” Perhaps it’s a sense of security. Or just a general belief that you are unlucky and that nothing ever works in your favor.

Take it a layer deeper. What’s really underneath this? Were you taught that nothing and no one is ever safe? Were you taught that you’re unworthy of abundance? Take note of whatever you find.

And as you do, be willing to look at this fear-based illusion head on. Question it and all the underlying fears that construct it. Be honest with yourself as you dig into the ACTUAL truth behind these false evidences that seemingly appear real.

Using our example, ask if it’s true that you’re not worthy of abundance. Is it really? Or, ask whether it’s true that security is really something that’s absent from your life. Is it really? Do you not have everything you need right now, in this moment? These are just some simple examples for you to consider.

The point is: When you take fear at face value and don’t look beneath…you create your own form of imprisonment. You allow fear to control you.

In fact, many of us become ruled by it. But you can step out of it. And it starts with a conscious intention; and a simple pause. Instead of immediately engaging with fear as truth, question it. Bravely look at what lies beneath and stop assuming that your doubts and worries are real.

Instead, look to fear as your greatest opportunity for healing. For as you do, you lift into greater light, fulfillment and joy. Your true destiny.