You Always Have a Choice, In Every Moment, to Align Your Life to Love

You Always Have a Choice, In Every Moment, to Align Your Life to Love - Article by Jessica Joines, Inspirational Speaker.jpeg

The human condition in its current state of consciousness is that we are more aligned with our egos than our truth; which is love. Put simply, for most, fear is our driving force. It’s the energy that fuels most of our thoughts, choices and actions – everyday. Start to observe and you’ll see.

For me, this led to living a life that I felt imprisoned by. I had of course, created the prison, but nevertheless, it felt very real. Waking up each day, dreading work – not loving my life. Of course, there were days where I had fun and experienced love at home or with friends. But this was not my predominant state of being. And it certainly wasn’t while I was at work for 8+ hours a day. My normal state of being was worry, doubt and anxiety – fear in its many forms.

For me, I was sold (and bought) that “work is work” and a part of life you can’t escape. It’s primarily about a paycheck (whether we want to admit it or not). And yes, it’s about finding something that’s rewarding or that we like. But how many of us have actually found that? The vast majority of us… if we’re really honest with ourselves, don’t like, let alone love, what we do. We’ve selected the best options that have been presented to us and do the best we can with what we have. A level of survival consciousness has permeated the majority of our decisions and choices.

It took me a long while (and a lot of pain) to realize that I had another choice and that the collective ideas we have been subscribing to about work needed to evolve.

What I came to understand is that I had long been taught and agreed to ignore what was in my heart. I thought what I really wanted, was impossible, selfish, or just plain unrealistic. I thought perhaps that what was in my heart – my true desires – were there just to torture me. Show me what I couldn’t have, if you will. But the more I thought about it I wondered how could this be?

What I didn’t know at the time is that my heart is my truth; the one truth. Even though it seemed incredibly scary to listen to it. People who did seemed wildly courageous. But then I wondered how this came to be? How did it become that listening to our mind (or ego) which speaks to us primarily through fear is the safe, or “right” choice? And listening to our heart is risky and therefore, requires courage? Shouldn’t following the advice of our heart, or love, be the safest thing we ever do?

Well, I now believe that it is.

When I began to listen and follow the direction of my heart, my entire life started to change. And, as I become more aligned to love, not fear, it continues to flourish. Part of this has been stepping into alignment with my life purpose or calling. Waking up each day getting paid to do what fulfills me deeply; what I love. That’s not to say it has been easy. Fear can creep up in the most creative ways… but I wouldn’t take back one part of the journey.

My daily life is now about making choices that are anchored in love, which is my truth. It’s a journey I believe that we all want to be on; whether or not we have arrived at this awareness. With that, if you are feeling trapped in a life or job that you don’t love, know that you have a choice. It starts by listening to and taking the actions that are anchored in your heart.

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Article first published on LinkedIn, February 15, 2019.

Jessica Joines