Abundance is About Perspective, Not 'Manifesting'

When it comes to abundance a subtle shift in how we think, speak and feel into it, is often required. For experiencing the abundance you want in your life really comes down to one simple thing: Realizing you ARE IT.

On the contrary, when we view abundance as something we are “seeking,” it often remains outside of us. This is why it’s important to be careful how you approach “manifesting.” For if you are manifesting from an inherent belief of lack, bringing in something that’s currently “missing,” it remains elusive. Instead, manifest from a mindset of bringing out, that which is already within.

Here’s the thing. And this holds true not only for abundance but for anything else you believe is missing from your life and which you’re trying to bring in. It’s the belief that you are in lack of any kind, or limited in any way, that is likely the reason you aren’t experiencing more of what it is you want.

Your perception of absence, keeps you out of abundance. Instead, shift your perception from separation to that of oneness.

For example, when you look at your vision board and it has millions of dollars on it do you get happy because you believe it’s being bestowed upon you or because you’re coming to realize you ARE that which you seek? The key is to feel the joy and gratitude of having already received it. KNOWING you are it. Opposed to believing you will one day receive it. A subtle, but important shift.

But even the action of a vision board itself can be a tricky one depending upon the intention behind it. If you create one because at your core, you believe something is missing in your life. Therefore, you need to “manifest” it — it can remain outside of you. Instead, try using your vision board to heal your false perception that you are separate from that which you seek.

Following this, use your vision board not only as a co-creation and intention setting tool but as a way to get curious about inherent beliefs you hold, tied to lack. In this respect, when you spend time with your vision board, focus on feeling that ALL THESE THINGS are actually already yours because you are one with the divine. It’s a matter of rising up through your belief, to allow it all in.

In other words, allow THAT which is already YOU to come forward, through your realization that you are unlimited.

But more importantly, here’s what you can do every day…right now. Choose to see the inherent abundance that is present in every moment. Every single thing you see, feel, touch — EVERYTHING holds the frequency of abundance. See this and express your gratitude for it!

For example, express your gratitude for the abundance of food on your plate, the warmth of your blanket at night, for the trees that provide you shade, etc. For as you shift your perspective into realizing you are living in abundance in every moment — no matter your circumstance — do you alter your state of being.

It is from this place that we experience more and more abundance in our lives. For as you acknowledge your truth as already being abundant, do you experience more of it.