What We Need is A Revolution of the Heart AND Mind

When I wrote my book, Dare to Believe, one of the most important moments for me was when I realized the power of the collective and the set of beliefs to which it subscribes. In part, a reflection of my beliefs. A structure of thought that kept me “imprisoned” in a life I didn’t love…ultimately, by me.

It was only through a revolution of both my heart and mind that I was able to breakthrough the collective will and step into living the highest potential for my life. But it wasn’t easy. And I believe that through continuing to shift the collective consciousness, can we make the path to purpose, easier for future generations.

That’s why in today’s blog, I share with you an excerpt from my book that serves to do just that. As it’s my hope that we can all shift into believing we’re meant for so much more than we currently allow for ourselves. That our purpose IS happiness. And to start creating better structures that support this.

Note to the Collective Self

“Now is the time when we reject the inner voice that tells us what we truly want is impossible. Those secret dreams that are hidden deep within our hearts. The ones about the life we’ve always wanted, but for too long have shut down, disregarded, and outright ignored.

 Now, is the time.

 We come together to affirm the truth we’ve always known—that we were never meant to be working each day doing something we don’t love or living lives that don’t fully resonate with our souls. To this we no longer subscribe.

 We’re shedding the negative beliefs around lack and limitation that have been holding us back. We’re letting go of everything within us and outside of us that has told us our destiny is anything other than happiness. And, we’re silencing the inner voice that tells us our deepest desires are nothing more than a pipe dream.

 We’re transforming the collective consciousness.

 What resides within our hearts is no longer impossible, irresponsible, unrealistic, or selfish. Those illusions are being dissolved, permanently and completely.  

 We know we are here for a higher purpose. No matter how humble or big, our life’s work is our passion. We no longer wish to just get by or survive. We choose abundance.

 We affirm that we are living in a world that is happening for us, not to us. Fear is no longer our controller. Our decisions, choices, and actions are anchored in love.

 Will it always be easy? No.

Will there be moments when we want to give up? Yes.

However, we embrace change and welcome our vulnerability.

 With our collective will to believe, we are entering a new paradigm. We pursue soul purpose because we know it is the key to our awakened consciousness.

 This is why we dare to believe.”