Master Your Perception, Change Your Reality


The more I do this work, the more one thing becomes clear. Everything is about perception. And I mean, everything.

THIS is the path to mastery. For when you master your perception, you master your reality. You claim your ability to SEE beyond the veil as well as create WHAT you see. Knowing that in every single moment you are perceiving and that THIS is a gift; when you choose it to be. When you are unaware, it’s still working, but not in your favor.

So what do I mean by this?

Here’s something that happened to me earlier today. And I’m sure you can relate. I received a bill in the mail that I wasn’t expecting. My initial default response was to perceive this as bad and almost like a “personal offense.” But I’ve been doing the work…so I noticed it quickly and was able to shift.

Instead, my perception became one of gratitude. For both receiving the service that was a part of this bill AND for having more than enough money to pay for it. In the past this might have been something that would have spiraled my entire day. But as someone who walks the path to mastery, it’s now a blip. And more importantly, an opportunity to create something wonderful.

Know, that this is your path too. If you’re here, you’ve also signed up to master this skill.

And there’s no better way to do it, than through leaping into your practice of it. With the big and the small. To do so, let your higher self guide you. Then begin to notice that when you choose to see good, how much more good unfolds.

For this is your authentic power, truth AND ability.

Additionally, move your mastery of perception out of merely how you react to events and into a proactive stance. For example, when you begin your day, what are YOU choosing to experience and perceive that day? Intend it, then claim it.

As time goes on and you master your ability to be reactive and proactive, expand further. Decide to choose a new, more empowering perception of the entire world. And importantly, your place within it. For this is also within your power.

The point is to first become aware of this spiritual gift that we all have and are here to learn to master. And then to use it. For a state of unconsciousness and alignment to our default setting, is the same as relinquishing your true purpose and power.