Self-Love Is Your Life Purpose Journey

Ask yourself if this sounds familiar. You spend more time in a state of seeking rather than receiving. You’re constantly striving, trying and generally living in the energy of struggle more days than not. You believe that what will make you happy is something that exists outside of you. Which is why you are grasping for it so fervently.

If you resonate with any of this, you likely have a self-love issue.

And yes, while this news might feel crushing in the moment, don’t let it get you down. WE all have this to some degree. It’s what we come here, in the highest sense, to master. To remember that everything we could ever want or need is already within. And when you come back into this recognition, of your inherent, perfection, you start attracting all “those things” you so dearly want. You become a magnet for everything you already are and always have been.

Alternately, when your perception of YOU, isn't one of love, this is often reflected back to you. And it keeps you in the energy and space of “hard work” that comes with acquisition. When it’s so much easier to simply acknowledge ALL that you are, and allow everything to simply enter in.

But what exactly IS self-love? Inherently its about perception; and recognition. Remembering your inherent, oneness with the all that IS, rather than your perceived separation from it. For when you perceive oneness, you won’t be able to help — but love yourself, immensely.

So how can you step into more of THAT, now? We often hear…do nice things for yourself. Self-love equals self-care. And while this is true, it's not just about that. At a deeper level, it’s about the energy you direct towards yourself on a daily basis. Are you sending yourself loving thoughts? Or are you unconsciously beating yourself up?

Because here’s the thing. Most of us, including myself, have some degree of daily self-punishment or a general lack of self-love within us. We beat ourselves up for simple mistakes, we don't congratulate ourselves, or send ourselves loving thoughts and feelings on a continual basis. We tend to be hard on ourselves; holding ourselves to nearly impossible standards.

In fact, for many, self-criticism is so innate that it's an unconscious, daily practice. 

So gaining clarity on this is key. Then making it a conscious practice to deepen your love of self. In short, start by building a better foundation.

Here’s what you want to work towards. Knowing, without a doubt, that you are a remarkable, miraculous and amazing individual. In your very essence and at your core you want to be able to love yourself, wholly and completely. And express it widely.

And while self-love is a life long process, here are some things you can start doing immediately:

  1. Consciously send yourself positive energy everyday. Make it a practice to tell yourself you love yourself. Congratulate and compliment yourself.

  2. Re-direct negative self-talk: Notice and pause when you are being unkind to you and make it a point to re-direct your energy into one of love.

  3. Forgive yourself every single day. At the end of each day, choose to forgive yourself for everything you perceive to have done wrong that day.

  4. Write yourself a love letter often. Make it a practice to write yourself love letters. Allow yourself to acknowledge, in words, all the ways you are amazing!

Know that as you step into greater self-love, everything you are seeking on your life purpose journey, will start to show up in spades. Because you will be bringing out that which was always within. You will know you no longer need to seek, but rather, hold the divine frequency you naturally are. And in this space you will attract everything you have ever wanted, and more.

Jessica Joines